“The Cult of Work” by Bill Boorman

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How to Survive Losing Your Job – Infograph for the Newly Unemployed

Lost your job recently?  Yes, it totally sucks.

It isn’t the end of the world, though. You probably don’t want to do anything but sit on your couch, wallowing in self-pity, but we strongly advise getting off your butt and taking a few simple, easy steps that will make your life a heck of a lot easier moving forward.

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It’s a short and punchy list – “Be in. Be Real. Be Bold.” – and it’s memorable.

It is a key test for leaders: Can you take complex tasks – like working through countless variables for, say, your organization’s values or strategic goals – and distill them into a short list that everyone can remember?

And just how short should the list be?

I would suggest no more than three, at the most.

The CEOs I interview each week for my Corner Office series offer regular reminders of the power of simplicity. In last week’s interview with Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of YouSendit, he described the new cultural values that he helped develop after he was brought in to help turn the company around.

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The Production Possibilities Curve in Employees

Why don’t successful people and organizations automatically become very successful? One important explanation is due to what I call “the clarity paradox,” which can be summed up in four predictable phases:

Phase 1: When we really have clarity of purpose, it leads to success.
Phase 2: When we have success, it leads to more options and opportunities.
Phase 3: When we have increased options and opportunities, it leads to diffused efforts.
Phase 4: Diffused efforts undermine the very clarity that led to our success in the first place.

Curiously, and overstating the point in order to make it, success is a catalyst for failure.

We can see this in companies that were once darlings of Wall Street, but later collapsed. In his book How the Mighty Fall, Jim Collins explored this phenomenon and found that one of the key reasons for these failures was that companies fell into “the undisciplined pursuit of more.” It is true for companies and it is true for careers. Continue reading

New Hiring! Degreed IMS Software Operations Specialist – Richardson, TX

New Hiring! Degreed IMS Software Operations Specialist – Richardson, TX

Growing SaaS company needs IMS Specialist for management and escalation of wireless customer software IMS issues. 
*Great opportunity for someone who wants to be part of the solution and the planning team.

Responds for logging tickets and escalation procedures.
Subject matter expertise during on-site integration and customer demos.
Provides workarounds and bug fixes. Provides implementation recommendations.
Performs maintenance activities during customer maintenance windows

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The Headhunters Are Coming … Are You Ready? | Fistful of Talent

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The Assassins lay in wait.  The Ninjas hone their resolve.  The Samurai sharpen their swords in silence.  Yes, it is time — like the “White Walkers” on HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’, the Headhunters are coming.

As the new dawn awakes from the cold winter of the recession, there is one thing Organizations can count on – the Headhunters are coming … and unless they’re on your team (or you have them on your take), they don’t come in peace.

Headhunters are the modern day Mercenaries of the business world.  The highest bidder is most usually the Victor; and to the Victor go the spoils.  When it’s all said and done, it’s the Victor who writes history (accuracy and truth not withstanding).

This begs the question: Just how fortified are your defenses?  How resilient is your network?  How impermeable is your security?

The Headhunters Are Coming … Are You Ready? | Fistful of Talent

How Recruiters Are Using Social Media To Find (And Hire) Hidden Talent [INFOGRAPHIC] – via AllTwitter

How Recruiters Are Using Social Media To Find (And Hire) Hidden Talent [INFOGRAPHIC] – AllTwitter.

How To Do a Background Check | The Recruiters Lounge

Imagine you, as a recruiter, have just completed a lengthy search process and you found the perfect candidate. Alas, they are happy with their current employer. Nevertheless, they have agreed to meet with you at the local Starbucks. To close this candidate, you need every bit of leverage you can muster. So, what do you do? Of course, you do a bit of Google snooping to see if you can find any interests or hobbies that you could “have in common.” (wink) However, after so many keystrokes, you are left wanting.

If this sounds like you, might I suggest another option? Namely, Google’s image search. Its scary easy to dig up a bit of background on someone using Image Search because:

  1. When creating online profiles, people tend to use the same images. Hey, why waste that Glamour Shot on only one profile?
  2. Google is pretty good at finding other pictures that closely resemble the photo you are searching. It is NOT perfect, but pretty good.

Career paths: Silicon Valley vs. traditional technology companies — Management, The Art and The Science — Medium

via Career paths: Silicon Valley vs. traditional technology companies — Management, The Art and The Science — Medium.


Do everything you can to work with great people.

Figure out who’s on your team.

Go where the great people are. (They may not be where you think.)

If there aren’t great people where you are, leave.

Your future depends on it.

….Love this, thanks for the words of wisdom Josh Tyler!